About Transparency Reporting

January 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020

Throughout this Transparency Report, we highlight how we enforce safety across our platform. Beyond simply reporting our data, here we provide additional context and insight into our safety principles and practices, as well as links to various safety and privacy resources.  

History of Snap’s Transparency Reporting

Since 2015, we have produced Transparency Reports which provide important insight into the volume and nature of governmental requests for Snapchatters' account information and other legal notifications.

Since November 15, 2015, our policy has been to notify Snapchatters when we receive legal process seeking their account information, with exceptions for cases where we are legally prohibited from doing so, or when we believe there are exceptional circumstances (like child exploitation or an imminent risk of death or bodily injury).

In 2020, we have enhanced our Transparency Report to provide insights into the volume and nature of accounts reported on Snapchat for violations of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. 

For more information about our approach to safety and privacy, including how we prioritize wellness, review challenging content, process abuse reports, and handle law enforcement data requests, please take a look at our Safety Center, Law Enforcement Guide, Privacy Center, and Terms of Service.

Approach to Safety Partnerships

Snap is deeply committed to the safety and wellbeing of our community, and our teams, products, policies, and partnerships apply safety by design principles to keep Snapchatters safe and informed. Our Safety Advisory Board members also educate, challenge, raise issues, and advise Snap on how to keep the Snapchat community safe.

To learn more about our approach to safety partnerships, and general safety principles at Snap, please visit our Safety Center.

Additional Safety and Privacy Resources

Snap is committed to developing an ecosystem of safety within our platform. Here are some additional resources that explain and inform our policies, actions, and perspectives on safety and transparency.  

Safety Center

Given that Snap is a platform for 13+ users, we believe it is imperative to inform and engage all users on how to keep the platform safe. With numerous resources, such as our Parent Guide and Community Guidelines, we aim to equip users and their parents with the tools they need to communicate and understand how to be safe on Snapchat.

Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines form the foundation of our principles around safety and are intended to inform users on how to responsibly use Snapchat. We are constantly assessing our guidelines to ensure that we are proactive in keeping Snapchat a safe environment. 

In-App Reporting 

While we have safety teams and advanced AI operating 24/7 to keep Snapchat safe, we also rely on our users to report inappropriate behavior. To do so, we offer tools both in-app and online to report users and content that violate our policies. 

Here for You

The well-being and safety of our users are paramount to us at Snap. To provide engaging and high-touch resources for our users, we have developed in-app tools like Here for You, which provides proactive in-app support to Snapchatters who may be experiencing a mental health or emotional crisis. 

Privacy Center

At Snap, we make your privacy a priority. We know your trust is earned every time you use Snapchat, or any of our other products—that is why we treat your information differently than most other tech companies. Even though our products are constantly evolving, our privacy principles and commitment to privacy remain unchanged.