Snap Inc. Lens Studio Terms

(If you live in the United States)

Effective: October 26, 2018



Please read these Snap Inc. Lens Studio Terms (“Terms”) carefully. These Terms form a legally binding contract between you (or your organization) and Snap Inc. (“Snap”), and govern your submission of a Lens (“Lens”), Lens icon, and related components (collectively, the materials you submit are the “Assets”) via Lens Studio. The products and services described in these Terms are “Services” as defined in the Snap Inc. Terms of Service. If you live in the United States or if you are using the Services on behalf of a business with its principal place of business located in the United States, these Terms govern your submission. If you live outside the United States or are using the Services on behalf of a business with its principal place of business located outside the United States, the Snap Group Limited Lens Studio Terms apply.

Please print a copy of these Terms and keep them for your reference. To submit Assets, you will need to agree to the Snap Inc. Lens Studio License Agreement, which will be presented to you when you download or otherwise access the Lens Studio software (“Lens Software”). If you don’t agree with these Terms, then don’t download or access the Lens Software and don’t submit Assets. To submit Assets, you may need to log in with your Snapchat account.

These Terms incorporate by reference the Snap Inc. Terms of ServiceCommunity GuidelinesSnapchat Brand GuidelinesSnapcode Usage Guidelines, and Lens Studio Submission Guidelines, so please read each of them carefully. Among other things, this means that your submission of Assets is subject to the disclaimers and limitations of liability in the Snap Inc. Terms of Service. Please also review our Privacy Policy to learn how we handle information when you use the Services. You agree that we can collect, use, and share your information as described in that policy and any updates to that policy. To the extent these Terms conflict with the Snap Inc. Terms of ServiceCommunity GuidelinesSnapchat Brand GuidelinesSnapcode Usage Guidelines, or Lens Studio Submission Guidelines, these Terms will govern.

You affirm that you are at least 18 years old (or the age of majority where you live) and are competent and authorized to agree to and abide by these Terms. If you want to submit Assets and are under the age of majority, you must have your parents’ express permission.

You agree that the terms “you” and “your,” as used throughout these Terms, apply to both you and the business, as applicable.

1. Your License to Us

You grant to Snap and our affiliates a non-exclusive, unrestricted, unconditional, unlimited, transferable, sublicensable, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide license to archive, copy, cache, encode, store, reproduce, record, sell, sublicense, distribute, transmit, broadcast, synchronize, adapt, edit, modify, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, republish, promote, exhibit, create derivative works based upon, and otherwise use the Assets on or in connection with the Services and the advertising, marketing, and promotion thereof, in all formats, on or through any means or media now known or hereafter developed, and with any technology or devices now known or hereafter developed. This license includes the right for Snap and our affiliates to make the Assets available to users of Snapchat and third party services, for sharing by those users, and for saving to their devices. The license to make the Assets available within the Services extends for 90 days following the date when the Lens run time on the Services ends, in order to allow us to deliver Snaps that include the Lens. The license extends perpetually for the limited purposes of advertising, marketing, and promoting the Services, and for Memories on Snapchat.

If you incorporate your or any third party’s name, trademark, likeness, image, visual work, musical composition, lyrics, sound effect, sound recording, choreographic work, or other materials (collectively, “Additional Elements”) into the Assets, you agree that this license applies to all Additional Elements.

You acknowledge that third-parties may use the Assets for purposes or in ways other than you anticipated. You agree that such uses constitute user-generated content for which neither Snap nor our affiliates bear any responsibility. You agree that neither Snap nor our affiliates are liable for any claims or losses based on or arising from any user-generated content, including content that makes use of the Assets, whether within the Services or beyond.

You acknowledge and agree that Snap and our affiliates own all rights in the Lens product, including the Lens Studio and Lens Software, and any other creative tools we may make available to you to create the Assets (such as templates or Bitmoji).

You agree that neither Snap nor our affiliates are under any obligation to pay you or any third party any consideration or compensation for the Assets or any use of the Assets. To the extent permissible by law, you irrevocably waive—or agree not to assert against Snap or our affiliates to the extent a waiver is not permitted—any moral rights or equivalent rights you may have in the Assets throughout the world.

You acknowledge and agree that Snap has the right (but no obligation) to publicly attribute the Assets to you, including by posting your name, business name (if applicable), Lens name, Snapchat account username or display name, city, state, and country, as submitted by you or as tied to your Snapchat account.

4. Delivery of the Lens

Assets must comply with the technical requirements made available by Snap. We do not guarantee delivery of the Lens and we do not guarantee that anyone will choose to use the Lens.

After you submit Assets, Snap may provide you a scannable code (“Snapcode”). Your use of that Snapcode must comply with the Snapchat Brand Guidelines and Snapcode Usage Guidelines.

Snapchat users will be given the option to access the Lens by scanning the Snapcode or through other means provided by Snap (each, an “unlock”). Any Snapchat user may unlock the Lens.

Snap reserves the right to deactivate the unlock and redirect the unlock, each at Snap’s sole discretion. Snap reserves the right to reject or cancel a Lens at any time, including after issuing a Snapcode, because you or the Lens violate our terms or guidelines, or for any other reason in its sole discretion.

Snap may provide you with the option to attach a call to action to the Lens that includes a swipe-up to a webview, your store on the Snap Merchant Services, or other content. Any call to action will form part of the Assets.

Snap may, in its sole discretion, choose to share information with you about use of the Lens. Unless we grant you express permission in writing, you may not use that information for commercial purposes.

Snap Group Limited Lens Studio Terms

3. Communications from Us

We may send you electronic notifications about your submission, about the Lens product, or about our other products or services, using the contact information submitted by you, or tied to your Snapchat account, as applicable. By submitting Assets you consent to receive from Snap, Snap Inc., and our affiliates the electronic communications described in these Terms.

You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.