Payment Terms

Effective: February 19, 2023



These Payment Terms form a legally binding contract between you and Snap, govern payments for Business Services, and are incorporated into the Business Services Terms. If the entity using the Business Services is acting as agent for another entity, then for purposes of these Payment Terms, “Advertiser” means that other entity. Some terms used in these Payment Terms are defined in the Business Services Terms.

1. Charges

All ads that run via the Business Services will be billed solely on Snap’s measurements unless stated otherwise.

If an order via the Business Services is subject to taxes, fees, or charges, Snap may charge you for those taxes, fees, and charges in addition to the cost of the order (collectively, “Charges”), and you agree to pay the Charges at the rates in effect when incurred. If an order is subject to taxes (including value-added taxes or goods and services taxes) and you or Advertiser are required by Applicable Law to remit and report those taxes, you and Advertiser agree to remit and report those taxes to the appropriate taxing authority. If you or Advertiser are required to withhold or deduct any taxes, you will: (a) pay to Snap any additional amount necessary so that Snap receives a net amount equal to the Charges set forth in the applicable invoice; and (b) send to Snap on a timely basis and as Snap otherwise reasonably requests all official tax receipts or other documentation required by Applicable Law proving that you and Advertiser complied with the requirement to withhold or deduct those taxes.

If you are using the Business Services on behalf of an Advertiser, then if Snap requests, you will provide a valid VAT identification number or other tax identification number for Advertiser.

2. Payment

a. You authorize Snap and its affiliates to obtain credit reports on you and Advertiser from one or more credit bureaus. Snap may extend, revise, or revoke credit to you and Advertiser at any time in its sole discretion. If your or Advertiser’s credit is or becomes impaired, Snap may require payment in advance of any purchase via the Business Services or may disable your ability to purchase via the Business Services.

b. Invoice. If you elect to pay through your line of credit, as made available to you by Snap via the Business Services, Snap will send you an invoice for all Charges. You agree to pay all Charges within 30 days from the invoice date.

c. Prepay Ad Account. If you elect to purchase future ad space by adding funds to your Prepay Ad Account, all prepaid balances are non-refundable except where required by applicable law. After you add the funds and decide when to place the ads, Snap will deduct the Charges from your Prepay Ad Account balance as your ads run. Once your Prepay Ad Account balance is used up, the ads will stop running until you have added sufficient additional funds to your Prepay Ad Account balance. When you set up an ad account as a Prepay Ad Account, you will not be able to switch that ad account to another payment method.

d. Payment Card or Alternative Payment Method. If you elect to pay with a credit card, other payment card, or alternative payment method made available in the Business Services, you authorize Snap or Snap’s third-party payment processor (as applicable) to charge that payment method for the Charges at Snap's convenience, including as early as at the time the order is submitted. Snap or its third-party payment processor may run one or more payment authorization checks before the payment method is charged. Snap may update your payment information from time to time using a payment card updater.

You authorize Snap or its third-party payment processor to store your payment information, as updated from time to time, and, if needed, to continue billing the payment method until the order for Business Services has been fulfilled.

If Snap does not receive payment from your payment card issuer, their agents, or from your alternative payment method, you remain obligated to pay Snap for any orders delivered, and agree to pay all amounts due upon request from Snap or its agents.


e. Sequential Liability. If you are using the Business Services as agent on behalf of an Advertiser, Snap may authorize sequential liability between you and Advertiser. In that case, Snap may hold you liable for the Charges solely to the extent that you have received the proceeds from Advertiser for each purchase you make on behalf of that Advertiser. Advertiser agrees to remit all Charges to you within the time period described above, and you agree to make every reasonable effort to collect and clear the Charges from Advertiser on a timely basis. For sums not cleared from Advertiser to you, Snap agrees to hold Advertiser solely liable. In the event Snap does not receive payment when due, Snap may immediately seek payment directly from Advertiser and Advertiser agrees to immediately remit such Charges directly to Snap.

Upon request from Snap, you must immediately provide Snap written confirmation of the relationship between you and Advertiser in a form agreed to by Snap. At a minimum, such confirmation must verify: (i) whether Advertiser has paid you the amount of the Charges in question; and (ii) that you are Advertiser’s agent and you are authorized to act on Advertiser’s behalf in connection with the Business Services. If you are not acting as authorized agent on behalf of Advertiser, sequential liability will not apply even if Snap otherwise authorizes.

f. Account Codes/Credits. Snap may on occasion provide a code, credit, coupon, or other form of discount in an amount and on terms and restrictions as provided by Snap. If you use a discount for a purchase via the Business Services on behalf of an Advertiser, and if required by Applicable Law, you will ensure the discount is granted to Advertiser and you will disclose the discount to Advertiser.

g. Past Due Amounts. If your payment method fails or an invoice becomes past due, Snap may take steps to collect past due amounts using collection mechanisms it deems appropriate and it may terminate any current or future purchase via the Business Services. You will pay all reasonable costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) Snap incurs in collecting any late payment of Charges.

h. Refunds. If you or Snap cancels an order via the Business Services before the order runs, Snap will issue a full refund of payments already made for that order to your original payment method, except that any Prepay Ad Account funds will not be refunded to the original payment method but will be left in your Prepay Ad Account balance. If you or Snap cancels an order while that order is running, Snap may provide a partial refund to your original payment method so that you only pay for the time the order ran. Refunds may take 3-5 business days for the funds to appear in your account. You agree that the above refund constitutes your sole and exclusive remedy, and you are responsible for, and your payment method may be charged for, all Charges associated with orders already processed before cancellation.

i. Subscriptions. For automatically renewing Business Services (a “Subscription”), you will be billed: (i) following submission of your order; and (ii) in advance of each renewal period unless you cancel before the next Subscription period begins. Snap will notify you in advance of any price changes that will take effect at the beginning of the next Subscription period. To the extent permitted by Applicable Law and in line with the authorization you gave Snap when you submitted your order, you are deemed to accept the then-current price if you do not cancel the Subscription via the Business Services in accordance with the cancellation policy then in effect.

If you cancel a Subscription, you will not be refunded any amounts already paid to Snap for that Subscription period. You will be able to continue the order through the end of the Subscription period. If Snap discontinues the Business Service for which you’ve selected a Subscription, Snap will not bill you at the beginning of the next Subscription period.