Merchant Policies

Nous pouvons être amenés à mettre à jour nos conditions, nos politiques et nos règles à tout moment. Nous vous prions donc de les consulter régulièrement.

You must not include false or misleading offers, or promote any products which are not permitted by Snap’s policies, and you must never compromise our users’ privacy.

Product Descriptions

You must accurately describe the products that you offer to sell, and you must avoid any false or misleading descriptions, statements, or omissions that could be material to our users in making a purchase decision.

Product descriptions must be accurate and must be displayed before payment information is collected from our users. Product descriptions should include the following:

  • Condition:

    • “New” are products that have never been used before. If the condition is not specified, the product is assumed to be new.

    • “Refurbished” are previously-used products which have been professionally restored to function properly.

    • “Used” are previously-used products which have not been professionally restored. Defects and damages in used products must be clearly disclosed.

  • Availability:

    • “In stock” are products that are immediately available for sale and shipping. If the availability is not specified, the product is assumed to be in stock.

    • “Out of stock” are products that are sold out and therefore not available for sale.

    • “Pre-order” are products that can be ordered before they are released. The product description must clearly state when the product is expected to be released and made available for shipping.

    • “Back order” are products that are temporarily out of stock when the order is placed. The product description must clearly state the expected date when the product will be available.

  • Shipping:

    • You must provide the following before checkout is completed: (a) shipping options; (b) costs; (c) quantities ordered; (d) estimated time of delivery; and (e) warranties, refunds, and returns policies.

    • Delivery tracking information should be provided after the order is placed (in the email confirmation, for example).

  • Product comparisons, and any express or implied claims associated with the product, must be truthful and substantiated. You must have objective evidence that supports all claims. Exaggerated, false, or misleading claims are not permitted.

  • Uses, qualities, and features must be fairly represented. The product description must clearly indicate if the product displayed to our users includes features that are not included in the base product, or that may be available at an additional cost.

Pricing and Billing

Pricing and billing models must be truthful, accurate, and easy to understand. All material terms and conditions of the transaction must be clearly and conspicuously disclosed to our users before payment information is collected.

  • The base price must be disclosed in the initial product description.

    • The base price displayed in the product description must match the price at checkout.

  • Base price plus applicable taxes, shipping costs, and other fees must be clearly disclosed at checkout.

    • Variations to the base price, taxes, shipping costs, or other fees that are dependent on the quantities ordered must be clearly identified before the completion of the checkout process.

  • Recurring payments, installments, and subscriptions are not permitted.

  • Products must be available at the promoted price, without the mandatory purchase of additional products, features, or services.

    • Secondary offers and upgrades must be clearly distinguishable from the product available for purchase, and must be easily declinable.

Savings and Rebates

  • Your discount codes and rebate offers must be honored at checkout.

  • You must not misrepresent the reason for your saving claims (such as, “going out of business” when your store is not, in fact, going out of business).

  • You must not inflate or otherwise misrepresent the pre-discount product price.

  • “Free” offers subject to mandatory purchases are not permitted.

Prohibited Products

The following products are not allowed to be sold via the native commerce feature in Snapchat:

  • Adult-themed products, including sex toys and merchandise;

  • Alcoholic beverages;

  • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, and other tobacco products;

  • Illegal or recreational drugs or drug paraphernalia;

  • Counterfeit, fake or bootleg products, or replicas or imitations of designer products;

  • Firearms, weapons, ammunition, or accessories;

  • Products derived from endangered or threatened animal species;

  • Items made from ivory;

  • Weight-loss supplements;

  • Recalled products;

  • Products that present a serious risk of injury for the user;

  • Products that require age gating; and

  • Illegal products.

Snap reserves the right to prohibit or restrict the sale of any other products or services, at any time and at its sole discretion.

Customer Support

You must provide contact information for customer support. You are solely responsible for addressing any inquiries, complaints, and disputes related to your products. Snap will not act as a mediator of your disputes with our users.

Product Reviews

Consumer reviews and product ratings must be genuine. You must not commission, unduly influence, or otherwise purchase “fake” consumer reviews. Material connections between reviewers or endorsers of a product and the product manufacturer or distributor must be clearly disclosed.

Security at Checkout

Online financial transactions present significant risks related to identity theft and the compromise of payment instruments. Using a secure checkout system, and industry-standard data management processes and protocols, can help mitigate those risks. You must use a secure checkout process to collect and process payments.